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Artist – Raphael Couto

Patchwork, 2009/2014

Mercedes Viegas Arte Contemporânea
Rua João Borges, 86
Rio de Janeiro, 22451-100

T: 212294-4305

Using his own skin as the support, the artist sews several scraps of fabric onto himself – overlapping and merging his skin with colored layers. The video demonstrate the details of the action of sewing and mixing colored squares with the body: from the needle going through the skin, to the knots and shapes created, to the cloths being attached to the skin and the skin’s reaction to the incisions.

The video Patchwork was originally created in 2009 for the Furnas Young Artists Award and then edited in 2014, the year it was first displayed during his show titled Atravessamentos at the Mercedes Viegas Contemporary Gallery.