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Moving Image A\V Bar


Have a technical question about a video art piece in your collection?

Want to know which monitors or projectors are best suited for your home or museum?

Not sure what the standard terms are in an agreement contract for video art?

The Moving Image A\V Bar is here to help!

Appointments at the A\V Bar are available for free on a first-come, first-serve basis once the fair begins.

The A\V Bar is designed to help answer the technical and logistical questions you may have about collecting or presenting video art.

With sample contracts and certificates of authenticity, a range of the latest models of projectors and monitors, and friendly, helpful staffers ready to assist with any issue you may have experienced, whether related to file formats, hardware issues, or aesthetics, the A\V Bar is designed to make collecting film and video art more relaxing and enjoyable.

The A\V Bar is open 12- 4 PM each day of the fair.