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Artist – Natalya Dyu

I Love Naomi, Naomi Loves Fruits, 2001

CEC ArtsLink
291 Broadway
Suite 1204
New York 10007
United States

T: (1) 212.643.1985 x12

The toilet is not usually a place that will inspire dreaming. But for Natasha it is different. In cryptic soliloquy, she allows us to participate in her ideals within a period of four minutes, while she does her business.

In the opening titles of the film there is a statement that, according to a survey, 35% of the population is only able to relax and dream unreservedly in the solitude of the “comfort station”—the privy as a unicum in which the shaping of visions and fantasies is still a pleasure and still makes sense.

Naomi Campbell “with the dainty legs and those fingernails” is the person to whom Natasha candidly confesses her love during her sweet morning dream, still in her pink pajamas. For Naomi loves fruit and naturally eats no meat; loves animals, especially dogs “and maybe even giraffes” and would never wear a fur, to say nothing of modeling one at a fashion show.

She could probably even study Japanese, clever as she is. And the fact that she allows herself to be photographed naked is really not so terrible; after all Natasha’s girlfriend dances in a striptease bar, and what of it?

We learn all of this from Natasha , whose monologues are interrupted—in keeping with the time -tested television advertising block system—by super-model spots with shaky, zoomed-in word balloons: “I’m so beautiful” and “I don’t like natural fur coats.”