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Salvador Loza & Gibrann Morgado – “Axis of Evil” (VR)



Shaped by the oil routes of the increasing territory of IS (seen from a satellital or cartographical perspective) Salvador Loza & Gibrann Morgado created an outrageous entity: an abstract monster of the 21st century which seems made of oil, fire and metal, his presence in the Virtual Reality devastated environment can generate different interpretations about the joint that could take us to a WWIII. Axis of evil was the phrase George W. Bush used to define the regimes that supposedly are responsible of terrorism in a speech of the State of Union in 2002. The political setup that has outcome in the current strain of the NATO countries and another geopolitical hegemonies in their struggle for the energetic resources, oil concretely, also shaped this virtual war zone that shows some clues, politically incorrect, of the twisted linkages–causal relationships that suggest an uncomfortable point of view of certain global conflict.