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Artist – Shen Chaofang

Framed, 2011

Y&M Space
No.17-21,Huiyuan Street,Guangyuan ExpressRoad
Guangzhou 510641

T: +8620-22131500

The work “Framed” related to a new technical aesthetics, a personal drama. Appearance of Iphone and intelligent mobile phone changed the original Values and daily experience totally. Shen Chaofang use more than two years to research this project which medium has been defined between movie and drama, video and photograph. Technical aesthetics and convenient softwares give artist a extensive platform which could mix all knowledge systems to show the aesthetics and contradiction by using film language, the knowledge systems include film language, time-line and space-line of painting, Contemporary society illusion, sociology, law, faith and psychology. This work “Framed” discribed a women wearing less is thinking about the real-life which full of bitterness and absurdity. Beijing World Custom Park is the biggest junk building in Asia over 13 years, it takes up 680 acres. In Here, it redepicted the so-called brilliant fate.

GongYueTu is a Tang Dynasty painting which described the leisure time of China Palace, but the modern one is not only a spread of time and space but also a expression of sham coming from greedy rules. In “Framed”, the problem is corruption not resplendence. This work questioned to the function of law which was hidden behind the political struggle. Refulgent phenomena is not real, the true-life is full of bitterness and contradiction. World Custom Park has no relationship with power, it’s a epitome of Contemporary China, also makes me to face to fate. It showed us a strange formation behind magnificent phenomena. This is a place which is getting to lose the real economy, rights, equity. From the micro World Custom Park, it shows a country and the human being values in despair.