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Artist – Miia Rinne

“Sea,” 2013


Tallberginkatu 1 / 76
Helsinki, 00180

T: (358) 50 4356092


Sea (2013) has been hand painted on a 100 meters long strip of 35 mm film. The dark scenes resembling a sea view at night are created from repeatedly painting new layers of paint on top of older ones. The work keeps the bygone images underneath its many layers, creating a reservoir of hidden images and resembling the onion like structure of memory.

Miia Rinne (b. 1973) lives and works in Helsinki. She has MA degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki and the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She works with a variety of media including video, installation, photography and prints. Her video works resemble scenes from inner road movies, where the universe and everything on it is on the move. Miia Rinne likes to work with open-ended and ever continuing projects. She often mixes the source material from her older works with more recent imagery in order to produce new works. Her works have been in many exhibitions and festivals worldwide, including Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki Art Museum; Nordic Outbreak, Scandinavia House, New York; Leiden International Short Film Experience, The Netherlands and Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, The Netherlands.