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Artist – Ewa Partum

Tautological Cinema, 1973-1974

M+R Fricke
Invalidenstr. 114
Berlin-Mitte, D 10115

T: (49) (0)30 – 283 53 45
E: info@galeriefricke:de

Between 1973 and 1978 the artist produced a dozen 8, 16 and 35 mm films which she endowed with the common designation „Tautological Cinema“. From the basic conception it was a matter of a conceptual cinema or rather a conceptual idea to find a new language for art.

… Thus the „Tautological cinema“ was a conceptual notebook of a special kind, in which the linear, designated message presented an extension of the artist’s cenceptual ideas. The short films , lasting only a few minutes, are the tracing of a „time between“ – a time between the beginning and end of the course of a certain situation or simple activities: they are „that which ist to be said and nothing beyond that“ a precise and complete communication. In order to arrive at a pure filmic structure and precisely thereby a conceptual record, the artist utilized automatic recording- with any sort of adornments, or narration or theater. The „Tautological cinema“ was hereby an authentic form of conceptual art. (M. Jankowska)