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Artist – Eve Sussman and Rufus Corporation

How to Tell the Future from the Past, v.2, 2009

Seitenflügel, 2012, with Simon Lee

Winkleman Gallery
621 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

T: (1) 212.643.3152

How to tell the future from the Past, v.2 (HtttFftPv.2), by Eve Sussman and Angela Christlieb – shot during a 72-hour train journey across the steppe – conceptualizes time with the manifestation of humanity as the constant, as daily life – history in the making – runs backwards and forwards simultaneously. HtttFftPv.2 elevates the characteristics of humanity that transcend time, exposing us, un-empowered against it. The piece acts as a visual ’captain’s log’, marking time, as if to build a dam of toothpicks against the deluge.

In the dead of winter in Berlin, artists Simon Lee and Eve Sussman shot Seitenflügel, a single screen video that tracks the daily life of their neighbors as day turns to night. Channelling their previous works “Balcony” and “Wintergarden,” with an obvious nod to Hitchcock’s Rear Window, Seitenflügel takes the voyeurism ever present in urban life and delivers an unreal view of the lives across the courtyard and volleys it back forever changed by the act of the observer.