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Artist – Constant Dullaart

Niagara Falls, Special Economic Zone PRC, 1994. HD video

Xpo gallery
17 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
Paris, 75003

T: (33) 9 66 84 37 55

Built in 1994 in the Southern Chinese Special Economic Zone of Shenzen (an instant city built by decree), The Windows of the World is a vision our global civilization in miniature. In this theme-park, landmarks are copied and displayed for the benefit of visitors – many of whom are factory employees engaged in the manufacture of goods for export without, however, possessing the means to leave their own country. The Windows of the World is a harmonious, artificial vision of what is ‘out there’. Like so many other places it begs the question – can one really know where one is without the benefit of looking through such windows?