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Artist – Zlatko Kopljar

K15, 2012

CEC ArtsLink
291 Broadway
Suite 1204
New York 10007
United States

T: (1) 212.643.1985 x12

On December 7th, 1970 Willy Brandt made an official visit to Warsaw. At this occasion he visited the square of holocaust victims and after the wreath-laying ceremony he kneeled down before the monument. With this gesture of kneeling before the holocaust symbol, Brandt has shown to the world that German people are aware of the abyss they had created, but that they had undergone a process of collective catharsis.

We witness increasing differences in European societies, failure of multiculturalism, growing intolerance, dissatisfaction, and exclusion in contemporary society. With K15 I want to emphasize the act of Willy Brandt, to emphasize the necessity of ethics in global politics. 
K15 is remake of documentary records of the event found at YouTube.

Director of photography: Boris Poljak, editing: Damir Čučić, sound: Martin Semenčić, music: Goran Štrbac, costume design: Tonči Vladislavić, line producer: Krešimir Bradica, producer: Drugi Plan doo. Thanks: Instytut Adama Mickiewicza, Mercedes-Benz, Alicja Lyszkowicz, Ania Rzepka, Isabella Czarnowska. K15 has been realized with financial support by HAVC.

Courtesy: Zlatko Kopljar, Galerie Isabella Czarnowska Berlin