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Artist – Zach Nader

the wave, 2015

Microscope Gallery
1329 Willoughby Avenue, 2B
Brooklyn 11237

T: (1) 347.925.1433

In his latest video the wave, Zach Nader continues his work with the disruption of appropriated imagery this time combining footage from the movie The Master, a televised baseball broadcast, and a YouTube sports fan video, pointing to the seductive and sedative nature of media. Through the integration of the movement of the waves of fans in a stadium and baseball players rounding bases into the rhythm of the ocean waves, the artist finds new ways to produce motion creating rapid oscillations that ultimately result in the complete unhinging of the image. the wave is also a meditation on the collapsing of distances separating the person watching a sports game on screen, the player on the field, and the onlooker in a crowd.

Zach Nader is a Brooklyn-based artist originally from Dallas, Texas. His reworking of existing photographic imagery has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently during a month-long nightly video installation on 23 advertisement billboards as part of Midnight Moment in New York’s Times Square, as well as in Breaking Ground: Contemporary Photography, College of William & Mary, inaugurating the University’s Department of Photography in 2014. Nader completed an Art & Science Residency this past fall at The Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation in Brooklyn, NY.