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Artist – Tuomas A. Laitinen

Frontier Container, 2014

Helsinki Contemporary
Bulevardi 10
Helsinki FI-00120

T: +358 40 7404901

On the edge of the desert, a vista point has been created for tourists. A desert storm is testing the durability of this space built of glass. An obscure futuristic retreat is being built in the desert. The film is an observation of this development within the boundaries of a glass container.

Frontier Container examines the relationship between constructed space and nature. It deals with the need to contain nature, to make its ever-changing spectacle safe for viewing in a confined environment. The construction boom happening in China at the time of filming triggered the reflection upon production of space. The tourist retreat in the desert is trapped in a two-way motion. Human development is expanding to the desert and the desert is each year slowly moving closer to the urban settlement.