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Artist – Selçuk Artut

Fog, 2013

Galeri Zilberman
Istiklal Caddesi
Mısır Apt. no:163 K.3 D.10
Istanbul 34433

T: +90 212 251 12 14

Chaos and order: A helix of dilemmas that exists within all the fundamental reasons bringing the World into existence. Our technological lives, quickly changing form and in continuous adaptation, indicate the point an enormous collective progress has reached. A technological life is facing us as an unavoidable reality. Having a say in planning its own future, within the results emerging with the decisions made over time, the human civilization has created for itself a unique meta-world. Having been created afterwards, this World witnesses the hosting of a conflict where chaos and order are addorsed. Subject to manipulation with all the materials she contains, the World that we live in has transformed into an object metamorphosing on her own. Starring in this metamorphosis lays the civilization established by humanity.

Fog, is perhaps a mystical conclusion to the increasing anxieties, fears, visual and auditory experiences of the space. The viewer is included in the work and is a very spiritual point to end on. The works, which include technological mechanisms and surveillance methods trail off with this work, showing that Artut’s discourse is quite open-ended and quotidian. The parameters that he sets up, the ways of thinking, might be “enhanced” version of reality, but the things that he plays with, the feelings that he works with are from the every day, every moment. Thus, the medium of technology—at the level that he works with—becomes one of the cornices of the triangular relationship that he sets up between art-technology-quotidian and the tensions between these three corners become his raw material.

Selçuk Artut is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work raises philosophical questions on the potential of digital technologies and sound architecture. Born in 1976, Selçuk Artut lives and works in Istanbul. He is a faculty member at Sabancı University, Istanbul and regularly publishes books and articles in academic journals on digital realities and sonic arts. His latest book titled Fellowship of Technology and Humans came out in 2014. Artut is also a member of an avantgarde rock band Replikas.