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Artist – Ricardo van Steen

Mamanguá 2, 2014

Zipper Galeria
Rua Estados Unidos, 1494
São Paulo 01427-001

T: +55 11 4306 4306

Mamanguá is the name of a landform composed of two enormous rocks as high as the Sugar Loaf, located in the idyllic setting of the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro. In Tupi, language spoken by local indians, “mamanguá” means “equal tits”. On top of one of them a camera was installed, recording a 360 degree overview of geological formations, from the point of view directly opposing the one portrayed by travelling painters of past centuries.

In similar reasoning to the sequential effect produced by zootropes, ancestors of the first film projectors, the integrity of the landscape was recorded in a syncopated manner. When programmed to be screened by four unsynchronized projectors, the image assumes an everlasting temporality. However, if viewed as a single-channel video, the syncopated landscape disrupts the expected sequence of sight and subtly establishes a new visual standard, result of an interspersed timekeeping.