Artists – Pink Twins

Parametronomicon, 2014

Iso Roobertinkatu 16
Helsinki 00120

T: +358 40 5298656

Finnish chaos animators Pink Twins present an over-the-top audiovisual orgy with their latest video offering Parametronomicon. In the lush CGI animation a biomechanic organism grows, multiplies and regenerates according to programmed parameters. The virtual life form explodes in a cascade of convulsive motion while evolving from simple formations to a sprawling coral-like colony, towards inevitable apocalyptic visions of all-consuming totality of automated nature.

Pink Twins is a duo of audiovisual artists and electronic musicians, brothers Juha (b. 1978) and Vesa Vehviläinen (b. 1974), based in Helsinki, Finland. Active as Pink Twins since 1997, their computer-generated videos work on the boundaries of human perception. Their intense live performances incorporate live electronic music and a live mix of video works. Pink Twins have shown their works in exhibitions and festivals in all continents and performed audiovisual live shows through Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia.