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Artist – Pernille With Madsen

Foreign Material I-III, 2014

Galleri Susanne Ottesen
Gothersgade 49
Copenhagen C 1123

T: +45 33 15 52 44

The work Foreign Material I-III consists of a vertical, motorised, rotating metal shaft on which a chain has been mounted with a camera on the end. The rapidly rotating motion of the camera causes the recorded surroundings to be transformed into abstract pattern-forming shapes. Occasionally a momentary recognition arises in the form of a human body which can be distinguished in brief glimpses against its surroundings. On the one hand the work relates to the real, while on the other hand it is subject to the concrete-abstract terms of the pictoral. However, if the geometrical structures alone evoke movement and vibration in the observer’s field of vision, speed and automation really enter the perception through the use of the film medium. With Madsen manages, on the basis of low-tech but carefully calibrated aesthetics, to hold the viewer’s attention in a kind of hypnotic trance that creates unexpected and surprising effects in space and time.