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Artist – Maria Laet

Separação [Separation], 2013

Galeria Marilia Razuk
Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 131 b Itaim Bibi
Sao Paulo 04536-000

T: + 55 11 3079-0853

The video Separação [Separation] reveals persistent hands, in a slow but constant motion, trying to dismember two black wires that form a large knot. Any node occurs only when something or someone breaks a limit. The node is the result of a border suspension, intentional or not. Maria says at the same time the existence of us as inevitable consequences of being alive and the search for untie them as equally necessary. As a Moebius tape, here there is no beginning or end.

The attempt to undo it shows even more difficult by the proximity with which the gesture is performed. The minimum distance evokes that we use to sew, read, eat, or talk to someone close. For yarns of the same color, both black, it becomes difficult to distinguish each one. The individuation is a painful but necessary process.

Multimedia artist, Maria Laet (1982) lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Her choice of materials and mediums avoid meaning, any codification of sense, bringing nearer the very episode of creation. In her words, “there is an act, as a ritual, in which the first poetry of the work is condensed.”

In her creative process, she uses candid objects, concrete, accurate, like a needle or that bear quality of elasticity or fluidity, such as gauze, balloons, thread. She also uses natural elements or substances, such as air, wind, sand, wood sticks, chalk, milk, whereby her poetics of creation can be homologized to creative dynamics of nature, in opposition to the codified means of established artistic creation.