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Artist – LigoranoReese

Dawn of the Anthropocene, 2015

Catharine Clark Gallery
248 Utah Street
San Francisco 94103

T: (1) 415.519.1439

During the People’s Climate March in New York on September 21, 2014, LigoranoReese installed a 3,500 pound ice sculpture of the words ‘The Future’ at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street. This work is the artists’ fifth ice sculpture in a series titled “Temporary Monuments.” Other works in the series have been installed at the presidential conventions in 2008 and 2012 and on the 79th anniversary of the Great Depression.

The artists see these works as expanded documentaries transforming on-site performative events into social sculptures through the use of film, video, and internet streaming. The temporality of the monuments are documented live on a website during the event. After the performance, the artists edition a signed and numbered digital print, short-form documentary of street interviews, and time lapse video of the event. The “Dawn of the Anthropocene” video compresses the entire 11 hour event into 4 minutes, shot continuously on an HD camera and edited on an AVID. The title refers to the effect of humanity on the Earth’s systems. Nobel Prize scientist Paul Crutzen coined the term Anthropocene, referring to how humanity has entered an age when the power and impact of humans is as great, if not greater, than nature’s.

Music composed by Dutch composer and cellist Ernst Reijseger.

Sculpture Design – Nora Ligorano
Editor – Marshall Reese; Music – Ernst Reijseger; Color Correction – Eli Friedman; Ice Sculpture – Okamoto Studio