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Artist – Levi Van Veluw

Spheres, 2014

rosenfeld porcini
37 rathbone street
london w1t1nz

T: +44 [0]20 7637 1133

For Moving Image New York, we wish to present Levi Van Veluw’s new video Spheres, which is part of his series The Collapse of Cohesion.
Spheres presents an image of a room filled with large structures of cabinets and a desk.

The whole arrangement is held in place by the structure of the cabinets and the force of gravity. An unknown cause upsets this equilibrium and the cabinets are made to topple over neatly arranged spheres, in a fundamental and continuous on-going struggle between the desire for order and the forces of chaos.

The symmetrical forms are no longer held in place, gravity takes over, order is turned into tumult.