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Artist – Lauren Woods

“No. 2” (from the series entitled “When Nola Awoke”), no date

Zhulong Gallery
1302 Dragon Street
Dallas 75207
United States

T: (1) 469.248.0345

No. 2 (from the series entitled When Nola Awoke) is a single-channel video piece by conceptual artist lauren woods. This greyscale video piece was captured during the artist’s three-month stay in New Orleans in 2005 and was debuted at Zhulong Gallery in woods’ solo exhibition this year. The piece quietly and abstractly acknowledges the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. No. 2, with its evocations of early 20th century glamour, speaks to a time past. The slow rotation of the chandelier, shot through the damaged wall of a residence, captivated woods with its slow, steady movement at a time when the city seemed to be at a standstill. The upside down chandelier reads as if submerged under water, as a circular formation of dancers, or as a tiara worn by a procession queen; all ideas that speak to the history and culture of New Orleans.