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Artist – Khalil Charif

The Messenger and his Double, 2011

Artur Fidalgo galeria
Av. Siqueira Campos, 143
147-150 2° floor
Rio de Janeiro 22031072

T: +55 (21) 25496278

A mysterious messenger delivers a message. An invitation to reflection. Built as a contemporary fable in which the artist uses elements of narrative to explore and to interlace the uncertainty, the identity and the subjectivity among other issues, provoking the viewer to try to recognize what defines each one of us. The work is a possibility to rethink about that primordial question, that, for many, could remain silent throughout life.

Khalil Charif (b.1967, Rio de Janeiro) began his artistic education in the scenic arts in the middle 80’s, when he joined a theatrical company for a few years. After then, graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning in the Universidade Santa Úrsula, and in the late 90’s, while living in New York City, he attended Parsons School and NYU. Afterwards, he obtained a post-graduate degree in Art History, plus further studies of Art Philosophy, at PUC-Rio. He was one of the recipients of the awards: “Prêmio Interações Florestais 2011” (Brazil) and “ExperimentoBIO 2013” (Spain). Recently he received scholarship and accomplished the Advanced Programs of the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, in his hometown. Usually he works with the art media that best responds to the specificity of the project in which he is immersed – that have been more frequent in video, photography and performance. He has participated in several exhibitions and festivals, including: Dublin Biennial, Ireland, 2014. 100×100=900 (100 video artists to tell a century), Italy et al., 2013. Low Lives 4 – International Festival of Live Networked Performances, USA et al., 2012. 24es Instants Vidéo, France, 2011.International Triennale of Contemporary Art, Czech Rep., 2008. Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, France, Germany, Spain, 2008-2007. Currently the artist lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.