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Artist – Katia Maciel

Desarvorando [Unfolding Trees], 2006/2015

Zipper Galeria
Rua Estados Unidos, 1494
São Paulo 01427-001

T: +55.11.4306.4306

In the Renascence, painting, by conceiving the window and the glance over the landscape, built perspective as a manner of seeing through form. Placing in perspective has become, thus, a manner of shaping the world through the observer`s regard.

Unfolding Trees shows, through the geometry of a window, a repeatedly unframed landscape. The video, by unsetting and resetting the landscape in an uninterrupted movement, begins to related with the most fundamental element of its own structure: the edition.

In this way, Unfolding Trees points to a perspective that unfolds before the spectators’ regard, prompting them to the construction of a set of images operating in the relation between that which they see and that which sees them, under the light of a sensitive, symbolic and aesthetic experience.