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Artist – Jamie Zigelbaum

100 Hours per Minute, 2015

1030 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn 11211
United States

T: (1) 484.896.0420

‘100 Hours Per Minute’
Zigelbaum’s new piece invites gallery patrons to search YouTube’s video library (which is estimated to grow 100 hours per minute) via tweets to @100_HPM [] using a unique hashtag generated inside the gallery. Each tweet programmatically creates an abstract ‘average’ of returned videos – the resulting moving image is queued and played on his large-format display in the gallery and simultaneously uploaded back to YouTube for the world to view:

This piece comes directly to the fair from a solo exhibition at TRANSFER – Jamie Zigelbaum’s ‘NO THERE THERE’ is the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery and his first solo presentation in the USA.

‘NO THERE THERE’ an exhibition of new work that explores the materiality of the digital image. This exhibition begins with two of the artist’s earlier works ‘Pixel’ and ‘Six-Forty by Four-Eighty’ but moves beyond Zigelbaum’s interest in the “recontextualization of the pixel” to question the role of the screen itself — moving images are programmatically constructed and displayed in unconventional formats, hardware is sliced and exposed, and interactive artworks engage the viewer in reconsidering the false dichotomy of the natural and the digital.