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Artist – Gustavo von Ha

Dumbo Official Trailer, 2014

Galeria Leme
Av. Valdemar Ferreira, 130
São Paulo 05501-000

T: +55 11 3093.8184

Heist Films Entertainment, is the name of a cinematographic producer created by Gustavo von Ha to develop and distribute trailers of films that will never be made. TokyoShow [A Busca do Amor], Gasoline 1 [Hollywood em Chamas 1], Gasoline 2 – Back to the fire [Hollywood em Chamas 2] and Paranormal [Garota Diabólica] have publicity pieces, professional actors and actresses, pages on Internet and on the social networks, DVDs distributed at pirated film stands and posters, in short, everything a real film should have by convention. Nevertheless, they only emulate a reality that is never wholly concretized.

While on the one hand the producer does not furnish the public all the images that could compose a feature-length film, it opens the doors to the world that each of these trailers suggests. The spectator is confronted with a series of images, narrative fragments, photographic tones, scenes and characters that weave the structure of the universe pertaining to each film.

These universes possess their own rules and instate independent temporalities, which are developed beyond the moving images presented in the trailers. In this operation, the imagetic surface is not opaque, but rather translucent, providing a communication channel between what is visible and what is imaginable. It is in this possible field, of the yet to come, that the virtual worlds of each film are developed. Based on this crossing of the image, which creates temporalities, the real and the objective give way to the virtual and the subjective.

The films by Gustavo von Ha, deal with the tenuous boundaries between reality and fiction, art and market, authorial production and cultural industry. The strategies and techniques of dissemination and marketing, used by the film industry, are appropriated by the artist and introduced into the main body of its production. But they lose some of their meaning, because the movies are not actually commercial products.

The latest film made by the production company was Dumbo, which is presented here in a special edition, accompanied by a box with elements that compose its universe, such as postcards, promotion t-shirt, props and a fragment from the script. These objects simultaneously disclose the film and the artist’s work, raising questions about the business and financial aspects of production and the system of contemporary art.