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Artist – Cristina de Miguel

Extraños en la noche intercambiando miradas, 2014

Freight + Volume
530 W 24th Street
New York 10011
United States

T: (1) 212.691.7700
F: (1) 212.989.8708

Cristina de Miguel makes 8 disarmingly witty and endearing GIFs in a new series of work for the Moving Image Fair. On the heels of very well-received solo exhibitions at Arts+Leisure in East Harlem and Freight+Volume in Chelsea last summer, this new series picks up where her personal narrative left off: a young Spanish artist experiencing the joys, terrors and nuances of NYC from a fresh and tender perspective. Her GIFs portray modest human movements – undressing, kissing, jumping, falling, dancing, etc – with a unique blend of awkward stop-animation and graceful precision. Her line oscillates between classical and neo-expressionist – nods to Schnabel, Clemente and Baechler are all present, as well as her fellow countryman Miquel Barceló – but the underlying sly humor and rebelliousness against tradition are clearly her own.

Cristina de Miguel (B. Seville, Spain 1987) is a Brooklyn-based painter represented by Freight+Volume Gallery. De Miguel creates large, playful, and often provocative paintings that reference the imagery of contemporary everyday life. She received a MFA from Pratt Institute and a BFA from the University of Seville. De Miguel was awarded a Skowhegan residence in the summer of 2013. Her work has been reviewed in ARTINFO, NY Arts Magazine, El Correo de Andalucia, and others. Recent solo exhibitions include Absolutely Yours at Freight + Volume Gallery, and Nike Head at Cuchifritos Gallery.