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Artist – Armando Queiroz

Ymá Nhandehetama, 2009

Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea
Rua Barão de Jaguaripe, 387
Rio de Janeiro 22421-000

T: +55 21 2523 4696

Sadly the video Ymá Nhandehetama was produced in 2009 and little has changed positively for indigenous peoples in Brazil.

Besides artist, working in a museum called Casa das Onze Janelas here in Belem in the Amazon. It was how I met Almires Martins. We were part of a crew that was invited to think an exhibition of Indian artifacts. I was impressed with Almires suffice since the first time I saw him. Such clarity and poetry in the way you talk … Soon after, I received a research fellowship in art SESI / CNI Marcatonio Vilaca, in 2009. I was accompanied by curator Paulo Herkenhoff which caused me to deepen indigenous issues already on the my work. I immediately thought in invites Almires to make this video. I left a strong image in my mind of a face being erased. I spoke with Almires and asked what this represented a face being erased by black ink. He told me that to his ethnicity, this gesture meant mourning. I was very moved and soon invited him to accomplish the video together also had a cameo by a dear friend named Marcelo Rodrigues responsible for the direction of video photography.

One issue was very important to me, did not want only an indigenous face. I wanted to share with Almires and Marcelo the design of the video, and it was done. The strong Almires’s testimony was recorded in a silent of Belém. Once spontaneously was recorded.

Today, Almires finish his doctorate in anthropology from the Federal University of Pará and know very well the extent that the video could have. Know the political developments that the video could bring positive.

Armando Queiroz