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Artist – Allard van Hoorn

001 Urban Songline Latitude: 51.44768° N – 51.44729° N / Longitude: 5.45609° E – 5.45529° E, 2009

Galerie Esther Donatz
Amalienstr. 45
Munich 80799

T: +49 89 700 76 200

Public space, its contextualization, description, appropriation and perception are in the main focus of Allard van Hoorn’s work. Similar to Aboriginal “songlines” or dreaming tracks that, being passed on from generation to generation, have created an invisible map of Australia and served as a navigation system for walkabouts, Allard van Hoorn audiovisually explores different places by his own artistic means.

For Flux-S Arts Festival, which took place in an abandoned industrial area in Eindhoven, Allard van Hoorn asked Michiel „Kledder“ Kelders, a skateboarder of nearby AreaFiftyOne skatepark, to ride the Philips factory hall located there with his board as a way of conceiving and experiencing the space. The outlining and occupying of its architecture on rolls became manifest in traces and sounds. The noise of the moving board and the surrounding was recorded and electronically transformed in cooperation with Mexican composer Jomi Delgado. The musical interpretation evolving from this process translated the visual space into an audible topography. Allard van Hoorn refers to the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari: After de-territorialisation, which implies appropriation and de-contextualisation, an act of re-territorialisation takes place filling the site with new meaning.

”001_Urban_Songline” (2009) was awarded the first prize at BEAT Festival in Great Britain.